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916 East Market Street, York, PA 17403

"Your Dog will be groomed to look like the breed it's supposed to be!"

We are a full service all breed pet grooming shop for dogs located in the East York, PA area, offering the following conviences;

  • Curb side check in /check out.  You don't even have to leave your car.
  • Brand new easy walk in reception room.
  • Or if you prefer you can stay with your pet while it's being groomed ( this will require a special appointment and time when you make your grooming appointment let me know at that time that you want to stay with your dog so I can give you an appropriate appointment for that special service.)
  • Flexible Hours ( Early Morning Drop-offs available, Please call for an appointment. )
  • Reasonable rates.

We specialize in

  • Too Much Shedding? We can help by keeping your dog completely shed free on our maintenance plan.
  • Long Flowing Coats.
  • Cute Mixed Breed Styling.
  • All Pure bred dogs will be groomed to look like the breed they are supposed to be.
  • Deborah grooms all pure bred dogs to the official AKC breed standards.

Our Services include

  • Bathing. ( Which always includes toenails, cleaning ears, expressing anal glands, pads and private areas)
  • Professional Trims.
  • Toenails.
  • Flea Treatments.
  • Weekly maintenance for long flowing coats.
  • Monthly maintenance for breeds that shed.
  • We shave dogs that are totally matted.
Merchant of the Month Award - July 2015