“This is the Best English Springer Spaniel Media Series ever made!” ~April Leonetti, Springer Showcase Magazine

It may take up to 30 days to receive your DVD. Sorry for the inconvenience but I only spend the 1st week of each month going through these orders. I am working on a new YouTube channel where all of these DVDs will be available in a streaming format. I will get that done ASAP! ~Deb
Welcome to my new YouTube channel!

I would like to thank everyone who has come to my channel and who are enjoying and using my advice and techniques to improve their skills and knowledge for their cherished dogs!

Over 10 Hours of the Best Educational Series for You and your English Springer Spaniel!

For 1st time pet puppy owners… Learning to Groom your 1st Show Springer… How To Groom Like The Pro's! in “Tricks of the Trade”!… Whelping & Raising Litters Whimsical Musical DVD of our Wonderful Field Trial Springers… The AKC Breed Standard presented by the Susquehanna Valley ESSC with over 200 color photos!

From New Puppy Exhibitor to The Owner-Handler… Compete In The Show Ring alongside the Professional Handlers To Win!

For The Grooming Olympics Competitors these grooming DVDs will put you in The Best In Show Ring!

About the Instructor and Creator of this Series

Deborah Kirk—Best In Show Winning Breeder, Handler and Groom Olympics Competitor. Over the past 50 years she has dedicated her life to the breeding, showing, and training of KaynDee English Springer Spaniels.

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The English Springer Spaniel – full length tapes and DVDs are a wonderful visual reference for grooming your dog!  Pennsylvania Grooming Contest Award Winner and top show handler, Deborah Kirk leads you through all the steps required to trim your own dog at home.  Easy, step-by-step instruction for the beginning groomer or an encyclopedia reference for the professional.

“From a judges point of view….it’s so nice to see a properly ‘finished’ show Springer, in comparison to the artificially over groomed dogs commonly seen in the show ring today. I highly recommend these tapes for all Springer owners”

Linda Riedel Breeder-Judge-Ramblewood

“Renowned breeder-handler Deborah Kirk lends her remarkable knowledge and talents to a beautifully produced and crafted media series. I particularly enjoyed the Whelping Series….irrespective of your breed interest, these tapes dramatically illustrate the actual whelping process and complete care for the dam and litter through 8 weeks. I recommend this Series for anyone interested in breeding or developing greater skills within the art of dogs…..”

Deidre Gannon, Esquire Breeder-Judge
Howell Book Author


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