KayNDee is not planning any litters in 2020… perhaps summer/fall of 2021

We honor and support the AKC breeder referral program. All breeders listed on this page are AKC Breeders of Merit and uphold the highest standards of raising litters in their homes, showing and exhibiting their "house pets" at AKC events.

We can connect you with other breeders who share our commitment to excellence in their breeding programs and keeping their Champion Springers as home companions.

The Susquehanna Valley English Springer Spaniel Club is a non-profit licensed American Kennel Club, representing the English Springer Spaniel in our region of the country. I am pleased to be a charter member and the Secretary for this club. In compliance with the Rules & Regulations of the American Kennel Club "Every Specialty (breed) club must meet certain criteria" to maintain their "license with the AKC" each year. As a club, we perfrom many Major Activities including: Judges Education Seminars, Therapy Dog Work in our community, Breed Rescue, and an "AKC Breeder Referral Service".

"The Key to a meaningful breeder referral lies in making it known to the public that this information is readily available. The Club must indicate how it advertises the (breeder) referral service to the public (i.e. on a website, show catalog, local yellow pages, or in a local newspaper, etc" ) "This initiative is to inform puppy-buyers that they should seek an AKC dog when buying a family pet in order to receive the healthiest and happiest dog possible, and to connect people with the information they need to make smart decisions throughout this process" The American Kennel Club

All breeders listed on this page are AKC Breeders of Merit and uphold the highest standards of raising litters in their homes, showing and exhibiting their "house pets" at AKC events.

Outstanding breeders in the area:

Ann Hulsey Sandy Point, PA 814-342-2757 hulccan@hotmail.com
Kathy Kirk Sherman, CT Text only: 203- 856- 7261 esscph@sbcglobal.net
Molly Tasco Benton, PA 570- 294- 3731 mtasc770@yahoo.com
Bob & Lori Neito Purceville, VA 540- 338- 3619 otein@aol.com
Laureen Camisi Philadelphia area 609- 859- 1788 reeni116@hotmail.com
For More Information please email our club secretary: Deb Kirk debkirkess@gmail.com

Many Sires and Dams on our pedigrees may be listed in our Hall of Fame Listed below.

All of Our Puppies Go into Family Homes as house pets and can enjoy being AKC Champions, AKC Performance Event, Dock Diving, or anything fun you want to do with your dog. Including just hanging out on the family couch, LOL

Many Sires and Dams may be listed in our Hall of Fame Listed below.
Please know these breedings are done based on our 45 years of experience.

For Information, contact us at:debkirkess@gmail.com 

(717) 848-5541 Best Time to Call 7PM - 9PM

Call me to confirm your reservations for our upcoming litters

A SVESSC club member has bred

Dam: KayNDee's Dead Drop Gorgeous "Mystique" (BW)
Sire: KayNDee's The Deck Is Stacked "Gambit" (BW)
  • Expecting BOTH COLORS and sexes
  • DOB: December 1, 2016
  • Into family homes at 8 weeks

Remember this is a 14 year investment for your family. I've been breeding the KayNDee line for over 50 years, and all my dogs are house dogs. Come visit! Temperament is my main consideration when breeding, and my dogs love kids, family life, laying on your lap, and being with you and your family in every way. I don't have many pictures posted of mom and dad, so email me for more info.

Dam: KayNDee's Black Powder Express "Marcy" (BW)
Marcy will be bred to: G Ch. Cerise Blindside "Timmy"
The #1 Show Springer in America 2016>
  • Her Puppies will go into family homes Dec 2016/Jan 2017
  • Color: BW
  • Both Sexes expected
  • Sale Date:Eight weeks after DOB

These litters are bred based on my fifty years of experience! All of the puppies in family homes are wonderful with children and other pets. I kept the Pick Male Show Puppy from her litter last year, and he is very smart, cute, and has been winning puppy and specialty classes!

"Marcy's" Sire is Ch KayNDee's The Dark Knight "Frankie" (BW)

For more information please contact the Secretary of Susquhanna Valley ESSC.
For AKC breeder referal on this litter.

Deb Kirk: debkirkess@gmail.com 

(717) 848-5541 - Best Time to call is 4PM - 8PM

KayNDee's Hall of Fame

  • Dogs:

    Grand Ch Cerise KayNDee Return of the King "Connor" (LW)
    CGC, TDI, THD, RA, BN, CD, WD, WDX, Junior Hunter

    Connor was the #1 Show Springer of the Year in 2007.
    He is the most accomplished #1 Show Springer in history
    Having Hunting Titles, Therapy Titles, and Performance Titles in Obedience and Rally!!!
    UKC Ch Ramblewood KayNDee 1st You Don't Succeed TriTri Again "Gus" (LW Tri)
    Best In Show Winning Puppy August 2010
    Hips: normal CERF: normal Thyroid: normal Cardio: normal
    Ch KayNDee's The Dark Knight "Frankie" (BW)
    He is the litter brother to Troy. Frankie was the Award of Merit Winner SVESSC Speciality March, 2010

    "Frankie" was out of the #1 Show Springer 2009/2010 "Jessie James" his grandfather was the legendary Westminster Kennel Club Best In Show Winner "James". "Frankie" also lives with three children is a wonderful house dog and a fabulous dock diver off the diving board!!

  • Bitches:

    Ch KayNDee's Signature Series "Kiera" (LW) CGCA, BN,CD, RA, NAP, NAJP, WDX, SHA, Master Hunter
    “Kiera” is KayNDee’s most honored Springer history. Indoctrinated into the National Springer Club as a
    Versatile Springer in 2016… this is the Highest Honor for our bench-bred dogs!

    Ch KayNDee’s Bella Dona’s Tango "Belle" (BW) CGC, CD, RA

    Marymont KayNDee's Legend of Troy "Troy" (LW) CGC, TDI, THD, BN, RA, WDX, Senior Hunter

    KayNDee's Just Serenity "Zoey" (BW Tricolor) WDX, Junior Hunter

    Ch KayNDee's In Pitch Black "Jackie" (BW)

    KayNDee's Lizzy Forty Whacks with an Axe "Lizzy" (LW)

    KayNDee's Justice Pride "Maddy" (LW Tricolor ) WD

    Ch KayNDee's Bond Girl "Rory" (BW)

  • When KayNDee announces an upcoming litter, you can fill out the puppy reservation form. Then call me… after 2pm weekdays (717)683-9601

    We pride ourselves on the fact that every litter is home raised, and every KayNDee Springer has it's own pet-home when not being shown or bred by us. My family keeps 3 or 4 Springers fulltime, and anything else I keep to continue my bloodline is given away to family or friends. I do ask anyone who gets a KayNDee puppy from me- should anything occur whereby you cannot keep the dog, please return the kayndee dog to me, so I can find him/her a new loving home through our AKC Club Rescue Program.

    Pups In Bedroom
    Pups in Bedroom

    Pups In Bedroom
    Pups in Bedroom

    At night they are tucked away at the foot of my bed. Every puppy is with me 24/7 until they leave with their new family. My backyard is set up only for my dogs, and they enjoy being outside.

    Cute Pups
    Pups in a basket

    Cute Pups
    Cute Pups

    New Born
    New Born

    Eight Weeks Old
    Eight Weeks Old

    Eight Weeks Old
    Eight Weeks Old

    Puppies playing in my backyard...

    Back Yard Pups
    Pups in Backyard

    Back Yard Pups
    Pups in Backyard

    Back Yard Pups
    Puppies playing with our son. Patrick is not for Sale. LOL

    Here are some photos showing the lifestyle of our dogs....

    Dogs and Cat
    One of these dogs isn't a dog.

    Dogs and Cat
    And again...

    Dogs in Living Room
    Yes, they are lap dogs.