Deb Kirk “NuVet is the Best nutritional product for your dog. You want to provide the best for your family pet, hunting partner, performance friend, or champion. A healthy and happy dog begins with what you feed it, and NuVet Plus and NuVet Joint will give them a bright and shiny coat, healthy skin, good joints, and an enhanced immune system.” ~Deb Kirk

NuVet Products

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  • Nu Vet Daily Supplements

    Nu Vet Plus Daily Supplements

    Without the Right Diet and Daily Supplements to enhance and support your dogs skin, coat and immune system, no one can Breed or Groom the Best Dog. The Nu Vet Plus products are A Must for every pet, show dog or performance dog.

    For your convenience, you may order directly from the manufacturer (at up to 50% off what most veterinarians charge) by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 46177, or ordering online at By using auto ship you can save an additional 15%

The Best Dog Diet!

PART 1: Do you have a FAT DOG? Are you starving them to take off the weight? Or ignoring the life-threatening problem? No worries! This THE BEST doggie diet for FAT DOGS Offers plenty to eat, easy to do, and sustainable forever. Deb Kirk, a 50+ year veteran dog breeder and trainer will show you how!

BEST DOG DIET… Let's Do It Everyday!

PART 2: Deb's FAT DOG Doggie Diet ! Today we need to discuss making this a Life Style, and not a 4-week diet plans to get off extra pounds - and then Keep them off. It's Quick and Easy.

BEST DOG DIET… What products do I use and where to get them?

PART 3: I will show you ALL THE PRODUCTS and PRODUCE I use in this Daily Feeding Program. This IS the way to feed your dog every day. Yes, it will reduce weight on FAT DOGS but then it will maintain the perfect weight for every dog- every day.

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I would like to thank everyone who has come to my channel and who are enjoying and using my advice and techniques to improve their skills and knowledge for their cherished dogs!

Dog Tricks of the Trade… Visit my channel!

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